Friday, June 18, 2010

Happily Ever After...

So by now most of you have met some of the most important people in my life...My boyfriend, my mum, my friends here, here and here, but you haven't met the most important fur person in my life. If you peg me for some crazy dog lady right off the bat, I can't say that you'd be completely inaccurate! This little muppet is smart, cute and further more she's all the way from South Korea! Ladies and Gents, may I present to you....drum roll please......Sydney!
her first day at the dog park
Although she doesn't have a stroller or a wardrobe larger than mine (I'm not that crazy....yet) there's not much I like to do without this ball of fluff and it's thanks to a LA based rescue organization Happy Ending Rescues, that we even met!
Sydney all grown up
Happy Ending Rescues is a pretty remarkable organization that finds homes for dogs from South Korean dog farms, where the animals are raised like cattle and slaughtered for their meat...I know, sickening to even think about. If you have the home and the heart to give these beautiful animals a family, then you won't regret it! I know it's a little cheesetastic, but sometimes when you think you're rescuing something, you end up being rescued yourself!

Let's give it up for the pooches!


  1. SYDNEY!! Whoop whoop for the pooches!~ I'm also proud to say that the leg behind the 2nd, dog park photo is mine! Another whoop whoop!

    Love for all the animals... even the Pablo's.


  2. hahaha I love you you ridiculous person!




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