Sunday, June 13, 2010

girls, girls, girls!

This weekend was all about girl time. DIY facials, the perfect red lip, late night hot tub rants, mimosa brunches and hitting up some low key LA hot spots. Our destination of choice was newly established neighborhood pub, The Surly Goat.  With 27 beers on tap, a hot dog stand and some fabulous in house games to keep you saying "just one more round", it's safe to say we had a blast! 

When we returned home in the wee hours of the morning, it was time for a couple of rounds of slurred charades and some late night noshing!  What better way to feed a few tipsy girls than some delicious warm banana bread smothered in Nutella.

If you haven't met Nutella allow me to introduce you.... {insert name}, this is Nutella. This hazelnut chocolate spread will be your culinary equivalent to a soul mate. I suggest that you invent your own ways to spend as much time with your new life partner as possible! with all this girl time under my belt, it's time to spend some time with that boyfriend of mine for a much needed date night!


  1. LOVE your pix!!! Too gorgeous! Your blog looks like a coffee table book I'd love to own. Hi girls!! Miss you all and I'm now digging through my cabinets hoping I have some Nutella in there! xoxo ~ Kt

  2. this post is making me really miss my days in LA... one of my spots was the other room on Abbot Kinney... great place!

  3. Oh Abbot Kinney is fabulous, especially in the summertime! Maybe I should visit and post some pics for you! Nothing like an excuse for another cocktail!



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