Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Savor Life Slowly

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the SLS Ciel Spa. This place is NO joke... The stark white walls contrasted with dimly lit nooks and cranny's are the visual version of Salty and Sweet... who knew they could complement each other so well?

After taking a short elevator ride to the second floor, we arrived at what seemed like the Pearly Gates.  With stark white walls for days and a quirky homage to 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory' (think hands coming out of the walls holding design accents like flowers, candles etc.) I was ready to surrender my fate to the Heavens. 

complimentary watermelon, pineapple cooler with chocolates, berry and melon skewers and hot teas to prepare you for your treatment.

It was in the bright white Eucalyptus fog filling the steam room where I felt as though I was about ready to meet my maker (a.k.a. Morgan Freeman in Bruce Almighty). But OH how wrong I was! 
It was in the couples retreat therapy room where my therapist worked her magic that I 'saw the face of Jesus'! The pre massage foot bath with the movable massage tables were my version of a Divine intervention!
If you haven't been to Ciel Day Spa, not only do I recommend it, I strongly urge you to go, immediately! Don't walk, run, no doubt it will be a religious experience...


  1. that looks so incredible to me right now. I am in major need of some r&r and primping!

  2. I wanna go! Yesterday!



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