my manifesto

I believe...
~in kindness
~in children
~if something doesn't feel good, stop doing it
~if you keep doing it, there's an opportunity for deep healing
~in burning and learning
~you're the only one who can heal yourself
~in family {by birth or otherwise}
~in compassion
~in art
~in knowing when to speak and when to listen... We have two ears and one mouth. You do the math.
~in second bites and second tries
~in lists
~in a good playlist
~in guilt free guilty pleasures 
~in knowing the difference between instinct and fear
~in slow food and home cooking
~in good wine
~in girlfriends
~in Coconuts 
~in nature
~that food tastes better and is better for you if you have good thoughts while you're making it
~in working up a sweat frequently
~in good posture
~in handwritten letters
~in spending time alone
~in travel
~in gratitude 
~in pooches {not the ones hanging over your pants}
~that everything feels better after an english breakfast tea
~in dessert
~that the only thing that's real, is LOVE


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