Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thank you Mum!

This is the first mothers day that I've spent with my Mum in I don't know how long and I'm really excited to be celebrating her up close this year. We were chatting today about life lessons and she had a couple of pearls that she shared with me that I thought I'd share with you... Enjoy!

Be wise about who you share your true heart with.  It's okay if that group of people is small, it should be! Make it an elite club with an exclusive membership.
Once you've found those people, love them fearlessly and with a passionate, reckless abandon.

Iron your clothes.
Give back in anyway that you can.  Even if it's only an ear or a smile do it as often as possible. These small gifts will change you.

Life is a series of ups and downs and how you handle the downs are an important part of your story.  Learn to ride those slopes with grace and faith.  Things will get better, you can grow if you choose to and most importantly let go.

Learn what's real and what's just noise.  Don't add unnecessary stress to your life and learn how to deal with what already exists.

Find your passion and feed it often like a greedy, glutinous animal!

Keep it simple. All of it.
Laugh as often as you can. Laughing changes your frequency and can be one of the most healing things you can do for yourself.

Wear sunscreen.

Don't allow other people to do to you, what you wouldn't allow them to do to your child.
Never stop growing.
Happy Mothers Day mummy! I love you!

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  1. What a beautiful post.. I love the connection between you and your mum, very sweet..



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