Monday, May 10, 2010

brides to be and table tops

There's nothing like a beautiful table setting to welcome your guests. When the elements are brought together correctly it has the ability to set the mood and immediately transport your guests to 'lovelyville'.  Whether it's a casual dinner, a wedding or a baby shower, you have the ability customize your setting based on the tone of the event.  This particular setting was for one of my dearest friend's bridal showers and was a hit for our surprise spa afternoon. 
Spend an afternoon going through your fridge pulling out all the little jars of bibs and bobs that you no longer use or have passed their use by date.  Any old wine bottles and jars in varying size, anything that can hold some liquid can hold some flowers!  Don't be afraid to experiment with colour too. In fall those darker green bottles pair beautifully with baby pumpkins and burnt sienna tones but for spring or girly celebrations, I prefer a cleaner palette. 
If you're a little shy about putting larger complicated bouquets together then that's okay! When you're choosing flowers stick with wild flowers such as daisies. It's as simple as giving them a trim and putting them in the vase, it doesn't get much easier than that! Here's some other tips...

➣ Lilies are a great flower as the smallest bouquet can fill your house with their sweet scent like an expensively pungent candle. 
➣ Keep in mind that for a dinner party you might want to steer away from overly aromatic flowers as you don't want it to compete with your dinner! 
➣ Be sure to remove all of the leaves before trimming your flowers as the extra greenery will do you no favors in terms of longevity.  
➣ Group your flowers together in colour and variety to create a more organized arrangement.

Voila! Domestic Goddess that will have your friends oohing and ahhing! 


  1. A beautfil arrangement Tash and I love any kind of flower! It set a romantic and fun backdrop and I had a ball! xx Elise

  2. when you did this table setting I thought:
    a) how amazing, it's totally the most luxurious thing to walk in and see and
    b) tash should be doing event planning and using her amazing creativity and talent for taking care of the little details that make the moment (hello mini hen's night recovery kits in organza bags?!) too spesh.



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