Sunday, April 25, 2010

sunday morning hangovers.

Last night my LA family and I had a little early birthday celebration at my favorite LA hotspot, The Soho House.  The sun was setting, the drinks were flowing and it wasn't long before we were all taking shots and in full celebration mode. My girlfriends and I found ourselves in the restroom chatting about our pending hangovers when a girl burst out of one of the stalls instantly imparting her strategy for that ever illusive 'night of drinking without a hint of a hangover'. 
I did a little research this morning and there is actually some evidence to support her said theory.  
Tequila is the constant ingredient and the rest goes something like this.
Tequila and the juice of two limes followed by

tequila and pineapple juice.
Continue to alternate between the two for hangover busting power.
The key ingredient here is the Bromelain found in the pineapple juice which is a super hydrating and anti inflammatory enzyme.  Apparently the citrus in the lime  kicks up the bromelain power and keeps you super hydrated, allowing you the fun of a boozy Saturday night and dodging the nasty, puffy hangover that usually follows.
Unfortunately I can't give her a shout out as I don't remember her name and if this actually works then who knows, she might've been an apparition. Then again right after our restroom rendezvous I saw her accost a celeb at the bar and proceed to give him advice on how he can improve his character on his current hit ABC series, "give me more eyes, not so much mouth... you rely too much on your mouth and it's uncomfortable..." Clearly she's a well of wisdom.
After my night of filthy dirty martini's I'm going to take some advil and take my puffy swollen self back to bed.

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