Friday, May 7, 2010


Oh I've been such a bad little blogger lately, I know I know...but I've been having oh so much fun.  Growing up in Australia on the sunny Gold Coast really could've been much worse! Every time I return to these familiar shores I begin to feel instantly rejuvenated by everything that is near and dear to me. The longest friendships and familiar faces, the food, the warm kind air, the salty ocean and of course the Kookaburras that wake me in the morning with their suspiciously cheerful laugh! Last night I found myself at my best friends wedding which was funnily enough located at a local marina, one of my old stomping grounds. It was so surreal to be there on such a momentous occasion and look up at the unchanging night sky constellations I used to study as a changing teen. I was effortlessly reminded of how far I've come and that I am not the constant in this equation... These Sky's have seen many lifetimes grow and change, which is strangely comforting and awe inspiring at the same time.  

It doesn't take long to get back into the Aussie way of laid back living and soon I start to adopt the peaceful perspective that only comes with good vacation time (if only I could bottle this stuff!).  Like a good Bob Marley song everything seems easy and breezy!

Here's some of the highlights, places and faces that I love!

Weddings, champagne, sunrise, sunsets, birthdays, champagne, yachts, hen's nights (bachelorette parties), pole dancing, champagne and warm cups of tea with my Mum. Coming home is like putting on a well worn, well made shoe. 
It hugs and supports you in all the right places!


  1. Pretty Prettyyy Prettyy good

  2. I'm so happy you're home in all of that beauty, but miss you dearly. You bring sunshine wherever you go. xx



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