Wednesday, March 9, 2011

snack on some sunshine

Sorry for the late start today folks. The temperature today reached around the mid 80's...what? I know. It was only a couple of weekends ago that it actually snowed {ever so lightly but still, c'mon, snowed??} on the Hollywood sign. Okay Mother Nature we hear you... you're pissed. In other news, the fashion versatility has been quite liberating. A total Forest Gump fashion opportunity... "you never know what you're gonna get".
Today I decided to make a little picnic and head up to my favorite park to bask in the sunshine. One of my favorite things to bring to any snack, grub situation is hummus. It's healthy and when you make it yourself you can guarantee that there's no more than 7 ingredients in it. It also takes a shorter time for you to whip it up yourself than if you drive to the store and back again.
Here's how it's done. Don't blink though, you'll totally miss the entire 'elaborate' process. 
Hummus - adapted from Ina Garten {who else}
1 garlic clove roughly chopped
2 10oz cans of good quality Garbanzo beans
1 1/2 teaspoons of Kosher salt
1/3 cup of Tahini
the juice of 2 smaller lemons
2 tablespoons of liquid from Garbanzo beans
8 dashes of hot sauce
Add all of the ingredients to your food processor attached with metal blade.  Continue to puree until coarsely brought together. Taste for seasonings and feel free to add more lemon, hot sauce, salt or a touch of pepper. Enjoy room temperature or chilled with your favorite veggies or crackers.
If you can't get out in the sunshine yet, I hope you get some sunshine soon and when you do, make this part of your basking efforts!

~ t


  1. Oh man lucky you, we're getting a blizzard Tash, 25 cm of snow! Ahhh well that's Canada!
    Tash i live on this stuff, great recipe!! I like ur sides with it too, such a healthy picnic.

  2. The sun will be here soon!!! It just has to!!!

    Loved the post and that hummus looks so delish!


  3. mmmmm
    So glad I can't gain weight by looking... every time I visit your site I drool!!
    I will be baking for a baking contest this weekend, so I must channel you since you always make the tastiest treats.
    I am making my Scottish Shortbread, fingers crossed!

  4. Looks so good and seems so easy.. pretty much no cooking required, right? Hmm.. must get a food processor.

  5. Oh, I am such a fan of the chickpea. Hooray hummus!

  6. yum. this weather is glorious, yes?

  7. yummmy! i love home made hummus. i have never tried adding hot sauce. i will have to try that next time i make it!


  8. i loooove hummus....i need to find the ingredients here...i haven't looked for them yet!

  9. i'm drooling for some hummas right now - YUM!

    PS ... LAST DAY TO Join Custom Sign Give-Away HOPE YOU ALL WILL!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  10. must learn to make this myself -- have a friend who often does - the key as you say is you know what goes into it - store-bought hummus can be delicious but is loaded with calories from oil... xo bb

  11. Yuuuummm Hummus, you are making me drool!

  12. This post is making me very hungry...I love Ina! And I LOVE your comment on my post last week, that would be delightful if we were long lost twins! :)

  13. Mmm, my stomach is growling! I guess I'm ready for lunch-hopefully I can track down some hummus!

  14. Almost heavenly - love hummus and can't wait for summer picnics:). I have just stumbled across your blog and it's fab. I will be back :)
    A xx

  15. ooh i've never made hummus before, but this definitely looks doable! i'll have to try making it sometime!

  16. That is my ideal afternoon snack. It looks so yummy!

  17. Isn't this weather beautiful!? We are so very lucky! A picnic would have been so lovely today. And I do love me some hummus. You make everything look so easy and delightful. I am going to grab those ingredients and give it a try! xo Samantha

  18. That hummus looks soooo good! I make my own all the time as well. It's so worthwhile.
    Gorgeous photos!

  19. hot dang--hummus is one of my favs:) thanks for the recipe~

  20. Where do you get tahini? I had some cauliflower in a tahini sauce at a restaurant and it rocked my world, would love to try and make it at home. My daughter loves hummus and makes a jalapeno one that is really good.



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