Thursday, July 22, 2010

Take Me Out the baaaalll game!

Whilst we do have baseball in Australia, everyone knows that it's one of America's most treasured past times.  After being in Los Angeles 5 years, I've only just experienced my first game at San Francisco's Giants AT&T Park. Oh boy was I spoiled, this stadium is absolutely stunning and if you're like me and not always the best follower of sports, you can gaze off into the surrounding bay, get lost in the sail boats and just join in on the fun parts like cheering and eating! :) 

Apparently if a player hits a ball into the glove, the coke bottle pops open and someone in the stadium wines $1 000 000!... Mind you, that's yet to actually happen! always, thanks for stopping by xx


  1. OH, man! Now I want a hot dog! (It's like I'm pregnant again!)


  2. cool, i love going to Mets games with the hubby

  3. I'm having such fun getting to know your blog, and oh how I adore San Francisco! The Giants' stadium is a great place for a ballgame.



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