Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I ♡ date night

Every Tuesday (or there abouts) my boyfriend puts together our weekly date night. Whilst I sometimes feel a little guilty about my lack of planning our sultry rendezvous, he always assures me with, "babe, you plan every night of our life, surely I can handle one night a week". Bless.  So, in an effort to encourage his romanticism, I'll be reporting the fabulous little LA locations he takes me to.
Last night was Hollywood's Vinolio.  With its raw and exposed cement walls, (that look like they've seen an earthquake or two) dark and intimate lighting provided by rustic iron chandeliers and plenty a 'nook and cranny' for LA lovers to stow away in, this appears to be a fusion of LA's famous dive bars and an old italian wine bar.  Sound alluring yet?  Well upon entering the 'dine' bar (get it, wine and dive makes d.......sigh....never mind) you're blasted by a fabulous jazz musician belting out some good ol' jazz riffs on his strikingly colored cornet, blatantly reminiscent of many an LA patron's pearly whites. 
As soon as we sat down I could smell fresh lemon being squeezed onto some piping hot fried calamari and I was sold. The menu is not extensive, which is always a plus in my book and the specials were seasonal and sounded fresh and diverse.  Although the sheer volume of 'ol' mate jazzy McGee' was a little too much for a first date, (he literally came to our table at one point to hit a couple of those big notes) it was a fun way to experience the cultural side of LA...  My boyfriends heading off to work now and I'm pretty sure he didn't just say "left shoe and call me gator".. then again it could be a side effect of being serenaded by a trumpet.

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