Tuesday, April 20, 2010

wine o'clock

My family has a long history with wine making. A little known fact is that my dad actually started one of many successful vineyards in South Australia's Barossa Valley, including one of the largest Aussie wine exports, "Rosemount Estates". You'd think that with such an extensive history in this subject that I'd know a thing or two about it....nope. I even signed up for our University's "wine appreciation society" however I'm not sure how much appreciating was achieved. Felt a little more like wine abuse to be totally honest and to make matters worse, I'm pretty sure that's why I signed up!  Anytime my dad asked me what I'd learned I threw a couple of phrases around like "it's got good legs and great tannins...." he was onto me. 
Overtime Dylan and I have collected some great wines that we want to open in future momentous occasions, so we bought one of those wine coolers that stores wine at its optimum temperature. Poor Dylan came home from another 13 hour day that was more than trying due to the long hours, it was just one of 'those' days. We decided that these kinds of unavoidable shitty days can always be turned around at the 11th hour with an expensive bottle of red. I giggled a little as he carefully took one off the top shelf and watched eagerly as he began to open the bottle.  To be honest, for what we payed for it, I kind of expected a Genie to materialize and grant us three wishes.... now THAT would turn the day around. Instead we were gifted with this beautifully deep crimson liquid that was so smooth that it slid down completely effortlessly. Probably far too effortlessly and far too quickly which is why D and I ended up drunk and fast asleep not too long after!
Here's some tips on wine tasting so that next time we decide to crack open one of the goodies, I can appreciate it without guzzling it.... or at the very least appreciate it WHILE guzzling it!

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