Monday, April 19, 2010

up up and away...!

This time next week my boyfriend and I will be on our way to my first home, Australia.  I'm literally counting down the days! I've been traveling between the two countries for around 7 years now and through trial and error, I've perfected the art of long distance flight travel.  Now when you're traveling first class it's a little easier to arrive looking refreshed (and have legs that don't like overly stuffed bratwurst) but when you're flying coach, there's an absolute art to it.  Here's a couple of tips that I've learned through my years of trial and error travel!
Drink up

Hold on hold on, I don't mean alcohol, I mean some good ol' H2O! Now don't wait until the flight to start drinking. Start hydrating your body a good 24 hours before you take off. If you wait until you're in the air to drink, your body may hold onto all of the fluid due to sudden hydration combined with altitude and little movement. Also don't forget to purchase your large bottle of water after you pass through security! Enjoy a glass of wine (or two) but avoid drinking too much on the flight.  
Eat light and right

I know that with all the packing, cleaning and organizing that comes with leaving town the last thing you want to do is cook. Which is okay! Just don't reach for the high sodium, high processed foods that are oh so convenient. Not unless you want to arrive looking like someone blew you up like a helium balloon.  In fact to reduce your jet lag and increase overall well being upon arrival, try to eat light 24 hours before your flight and load up on lots of fruits and of course! And that also means lay off of the salted peanuts and chips they serve you on the flight!

We all know that regular exercise is important to feeling and looking your best.  It's no different when it comes to travel. Make sure that you get your heart pumping a little before you get on your flight.  Turbulence and other unexpected circumstances can occur, which may make you seat bound for most of your flight. Get that oxygen in your blood cells and move when you can, even if it's stretching in your seat (without poking your patron in the eye) move that bod!
Colgate 'Wisp'. These portable toothbrushes have saved my life on more than one occasion.  They're fabulous even when you're not traveling! The small mouthwash ball in the middle of the brush bursts as you start to clean and it's a brilliant alternative if the line to the restroom is too long or you can't get out of your seat. A good all purpose salve is a must on flights. My favorite is a good Aussie staple, Lucas' pawpaw ointment. A must for every make up bag.  Spritz your face throughout the flight with another Australian beauty staple.  Jurlique rosewater facial mist is a wonderful way to refresh yourself after a long flight right before landing.  Make up wipes are another great alternative to a good cleansing routine.  The water pressure isn't great in those tiny restrooms and again something you can do if you can't get out of your seat.  If you make it into the restroom, you can also wet the towelette and wash your face with cool water to wake up your skin and tighten those pores.

A good moisturizer is a must at all times. I love to go to Sephora and stock up on my favorite samples so that mid flight I can keep myself busy with a bag filled with goodies! Deodorant. Need I say more? A convertible stain is a great way to keep your immediate travel bag simplified yet diverse.  Dab some on your lips and cheeks for that youthful glowing flush. Aspirin is not only great for headaches, it also reduces the chance of blood clots due to little movement. Mascara for a quick touch up and eye drops if you didn't manage to get an ounce of shut eye cause the person next to you was snoring!
Get it right the first time!  I hate changing mid flight so I make sure that I dress for a myriad of temperatures.  Wear a comfortable pair of ballet flats that don't take up too much room under your seat and bring a cozy pair of socks.  I always wear a poncho or large scarf that can turn into a blanket. Avoid linen as it always looks sloppy after you've turned yourself into a pretzel from getting that numb bum. Choose some nice light pants or leggings, something that doesn't wrinkle or stretch out.... but wait!!!! Put down the velour and step away from the tracksuit.  Let it go, its day has come and gone my friends.
You'd think I'd stuck my fingers in a socket after I brush my hair mid-flight. I like to braid it before boarding and take it out right before landing.  I use a little water to scrunch up the ends and get a little texture happening. Another great alternative are headbands. Throw your hair in a messy loose bun and put some dazzle amongst the do. There are some really pretty ones out there and my heart always flutters for the Anthropologie kind. They dress up even the most casual outfit of jeans and a tee. 
Carry On
Try to keep it simple and organized.  There is such a thing as being prepared but being prepared and neurotic are two different things! You never know if your flight is going to be cancelled or your luggage lost but that doesn't mean you need to bring the kitchen sink! This is my carry on list.
Two pairs of extra underwear.
Great book I'm already reading or magazines.
Make up bag filled with essentials (some listed above plus toothbrush).
Warm socks.
Pens (someone will always ask for one).
Handheld mirror.
Long sleeve tee or short sleeve tee depending on temperature change.
Protein bar/s.
PG Tips Tea Bags (I'm a tea fanatic and a total fuss pot about what I drink).
Local cash (wherever you're going take the local currency with you. It can make for easier transfers if buses, subways or cabs are involved.)
Happy and safe travels!!!

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  1. I love the paw paw! My other Aussie friend gave me some for xmas. It's amazing! Good tips, little bird.



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