Friday, April 16, 2010

Sugar... A Love Story.

nutella lady bird, hummingbird cupcake, 'on the green' cupcake, daisy cupcake.
I've had a hard time hiding my severe love affair for baking.  Okay fine, baking AND some sugary products. I mean if I'm really going to come clean these seductive treats and I have been seriously involved for many years now. There may or may not have been certain incidences (that shall remain nameless) that involved one or more girlfriends catching me mid 'rendezvous'. It always goes something like this, "Stop! Put down the Nutella and step away from the nilla' wafers".  I won't deny that there have been times that I have foolishly attempted to scale down my commitment to sugar but at the end of the day nothing makes me happier than helping a baked good reach its full potential.  
golf cupcake inspired by my boyfriends love of golf...and sugar
Unfortunately I have introduced this magical bond to my boyfriend who now has a new found passion for breakfast desserts, lunch desserts and dinner desserts. He likes to call it "changing the palate", something my mum taught him... Although every baked good has a million variables that can make or break its success, to me that's magic of baking.  Every time you open the oven door to reveal your sweet treat, it's like Christmas morning.  You know what you're hoping for, but you never really know what you're going to get .

I'm spending the day today baking for a charity fundraiser and couldn't be happier. So here's to a day filled with lots of love and good juju being baked into these hopefully sold out cookies!

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