Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yes: to 'them'.

aand it's time again for this weeks installment of say Yes... Except, this one's INTERACTIVE.
Okay, this time it's all about saying yes to strangers {no, not the creepers with candy, your mum was right about those guys}. I'm talking about random acts of kindness. I know it's all a little cheesetastic and Haley Joel Osment circa 2000 in "pay it forward" but still, I'm a big believer in it. It doesn't have to be elaborate {we're not all ballers like Oprah} it can be simple.
Whenever I'm out and about and there's parking meters, I usually like to check the cars around me to see if they're running out of time. If they are and I have some extra shrapnel, I'll throw some their way. Why not right? It's $ I'm not missing and there's nothing worse than coming back to your car to see that dreaded white envelope looming under your windscreen wiper.  When I confessed this to my friend recently she pointed out that it's entirely illegal... Well that's some bullshiz. So, I'm certainly not saying that I did that 'today', I'm just saying that everyone parked around me for the next hour, was totally covered.
So whether it's a smile, a wave if someone lets you in line in horrid traffic, or a 'let me hold the elevator door for you'; your challenge today dear readers is to do one random act of kindness for a stranger, without the hope of anything in return.  Here comes the interactive part - I want to hear about it! I'd love to feature a couple of bloggers, pics, stories, about their simple act of kindness.
It's not that you're going to necessarily change anyones life, that's not what it's about. Think of it as planting a seed of sorts. You have no idea what it could grow into, maybe nothing, but when you plant anything, there's always the chance of something. It's my belief that when you experience a small act of kindness from a stranger you feel a connectedness, that we're all a part of something bigger.  Maybe if that starts to become a little more apparent, everyone will start to be more mindful of how we interact with one another...
...and wouldn't that be lovely?

xo tash


  1. I love this! I can't believe you do that with parking meters - tickets are $50 for expired meters around here, you've really done something super special in my eyes!

  2. way to go, buddy! i'm completely happy now that i've read this! i'll be giving away 2 free personal training sessions next week... does that count?

  3. yay!! i love this so much. the mister has added $ to someone's meter before and i've always thought that was such a great act of kindness. and the fact that it's illegal makes me want to do it even more! :)

  4. Tash that's so sweet it's making me well up. Your Mom did a great job!
    I'm on it...

  5. I absolutely love that you are doing this! I try to do things like this all the time but I can't tell you about them because I made a little deal with myself to keep my acts to myself. Oddly enough, I can't wait to read what people are doing so I can get even more ideas :)

  6. That is such a nice gestures. I love spreading the kindness around :)

  7. Great post!

    p.s. Check out my Nanette Lepore giveaway!

  8. It might be illegal, but this is wonderful, and I'm sure your fellow drivers would thank you for your goodwill.

  9. aw, I do this too! And today, I paid for the drink of the (random) person behind me in Starbucks. They were kind of flabbergasted and then incredibly gracious.

  10. I love your parking meter idea! :) This really made me smile this morning.

  11. That is so sweet of you.. a few folks are sleeping really well not knowing there was an angel who blessed them today.

    I like this post and the little challenge you've extended. I'm in!

  12. Clever idea!

    Happy Friday!


  13. SO lovely! :) I will definitely do something today.. your parking meter idea was a much appreciated one for sure. Nice work!

  14. I LOVE this post! So very true, small random acts of kindness can only lead to something good. I didn't know putting money in other people's meters was illegal...oops. Well lock me up then, I still do it! I'm a big believer in driving karma and etiquette too, every little bit counts and helps! I awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award today on my site. I hope you participate, I would love to learn 7 random facts about you! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  15. What a lovely idea!! I love that you cover other people's parking meters (I also had no idea that was illegal!). It's seems like such a small gesture but I think it goes a long way in lifting someone else's know that a complete stranger was looking out for you.

    I am going to keep my eyes open for an opportunity this weekend to perform my own random act of kindness :)




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