Friday, March 4, 2011

Pleather and Potatoes...sweet.

Through some strange twist of fate all of my beautiful and talented LA girlfriends {all bar one happily married lady} have managed to slip through Cupids clutches. There's a local trendy diner down the road from my house that's open until the wee hours of the morning, which is really in my opinion one of the best times to enjoy diner food anyway.  There have been some {many} nights after enduring the wrath of the singles Hollywood nightlife, that we have found ourselves recoiling in one of their pleather booths retelling the candid happenings that the evening had bought about; goes something like this...
"no he didn't!"
"umm yes, yes he did."
"what do you mean?"
"he called me by his ex's name and then he cried in my mouth."
"...okay're right, you win. I'm buying".

....all taking place over a round {or two} of Sweet Potato fries and buttermilk ranch dressing.
before oil and seasonings
There's something that happens to these sweet potatoes when they're subject to intense heat. Because of their high natural sugar content, the sugar in the vegetable caramelizes and you're left with soft centers and a crispy chewy shell... which pretty much sums up how we feel after nights like these.
nice and shiny after olive oil and seasonings
I prefer to bake them rather than fry them for the sheer health factor. Plus they're so delicious you seriously don't miss it. They're super simple to make and a wonderful treat to soothe the tired moral of the single troops.
Sweet Potato Fries - not fried.
3 Sweet Potatoes
teaspoon of kosher salt
teaspoon of pepper
olive oil

Preheat Oven to 400F
Peel the sweet potatoes and then slice into spears. Try to keep them all the same thickness, length of course will vary but continuity in the thickness is important to ensure that they all have relatively the same cook time. Place onto a large baking sheet. You want to ensure that the baking sheet isn't overcrowded as if so, the spears won't brown, but steam. Boo to steamed sweet potatoes. Drizzle with olive oil and mix with clean hands to ensure that each spear is coated. Sprinkle seasonings over sweet potatoes and place in hot oven.  After around 20 minutes turn spears to ensure they get an even coloring. Cook for approximately another 10 minutes and place fries into a bowl with paper towel to absorb excess oil.
I'm sure I'll be seeing these sweet babies and that pleather booth this weekend...sigh. 

Happy Friday beauties!

xo t

p.s. did you perform a random act of kindness? email me! I want to showcase a couple of bloggers and what you did and where! Let's encourage the kindness and show how easy it is.


  1. I <3 Sweet Potato Fries BIG TIME!! YUM.

    Happy Friday!! :)

  2. sweet potato fries are my FAV.
    these ones look soooo gooood!


  3. You've reminded me of some of my eves of the past. Lots of pleather and fries. ;)
    Thanks for your fry recipe - love sweet potatoes!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Oh sweet potato fries. My best girlfriend and I do with a garlic aoili, and there's nothing better for those "No, he didn't!" bitch sessions!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. YUM my fave!

    I’m hosting a give-away and would LOVE for you and ALL to
    Join Custom Sign Give-Away

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  6. Oh no! I forgot about the random act of kindness. I'll try to do so this weekend.

    So, sweet potato fries are my weakness. Seriously, i love them so very much. At an English pub downtown, they serve them with a honey mustard aioli and it totally rocks my world. Now I want to eat them!!

  7. Always such a treat (especially among girlfriends in the wee hours) That's exactly how I like to make mine and they come out so delicious - definitely don't miss the frying at all.
    have a fab weekend! xo

  8. oh we've all had those nights... even when you are attached... : ) happy friday though!

  9. oooo... these look amazing!! i love sweet potato fries, and i am definitely a fan of baking rather than frying. this looks amazing and i'll have to try some of these this weekend.

  10. I bake my sweet potato fries too! You have to try Giada's recipe for her lemon garlic mayonnaise with them, soo good! TGIF!

  11. I could eat these by the bucket full. I hope you're writing down some of those stories. It could make a great book called "you win, I'm buying" - ha I'd read it for sure :)

  12. I love that story, and those fries look positively delicious! Also, as I continue on in my life, once again single, it's always very encouraging to be reminded that, of course, romance comes and goes, and being a single lady is never really an odd-one-out scenario, as much as it may feel like at times. :) Thanks for posting and happy Friday indeed!

  13. Lordy, there are too many damn frogs and not enough princes. At least you have good friends and good food to fall back on.
    These look fab, and with buttermilk ranch dressing, yup dem be #winning fries!
    (i feel horrible i haven't done an act of kindness yet...yikes)

  14. Looks delish!!! i actually tried sweet potatoe fries for the first time in a vegan restaurant and i fell in love with it straight away!

    Hope u have a great wkend ahead Tash:D


  15. oh hells bells. i need these in my life STAT. without the side of man drama, but inevitably wherever there's a man there's some kinda drama. they're all kids!

    ps-that bag IS stupid! as in so stupid we need it.

  16. OHMYGOLLY, WHY haven't I made sweet potato fries recently? I need some now. Even if I have to go out by myself for dinner...or at least to the store. And I just realized you're in LA. I'll be having a little get together there soon -- I'll email about it soon; I'd love for you to be there. Happy weekend, darling!

  17. delicious thought! i like the idea of a regular hangout. i used to have one. i would run into my friends there without planning it. a nice feeling. xo bb

  18. Ahh... the single days. Bittersweet... yet some really beautiful memories like these. xx

  19. I love sweet potato fries!
    I will need to go there next time I am in LA

  20. He cried in her mouth?? Oh hell, I would of bought her dinner too. Thanks for the recipe! (Loving your blog!)


  21. i crave sweet potato fries! i like them even better than regular fries and they're much better for you, health-wise. thanks for posting this! you've just reminded how much i really want to make/eat sweet potato fries!

  22. Ohmygosh. DELICIOUS! My bf would LOVE these <3





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