Thursday, February 3, 2011

you & me

This is just a quick note and I'll be back later but I have something that I wanted to share completely unrelated to food or style, but something equally as fabulous and in truth, far more important. 
There are some crazy things happening around the globe right now. Riots, floods, hurricanes larger than Katrina but all deeply rooted in destructive chaos. The world is very loud right now and if nothing else, we need to take a moment. A moment of stillness and silence, a moment of conscious thought. We are all connected. Whether we want to embrace that or not is another thing. Lets counteract this loudness with mindful stillness. The conscious collective is a powerful thing.
Be still, be mindful, be aware. 

We all need one another now more than ever. Aside from doing whatever it is that you're doing, lets keep one another in still and quiet, prayerful mindedness.

a picture of Christians protecting Muslims during their prayers via

...see you soon for some chocolatey chip goodness!
tash xo


  1. what a beautiful post! Thank you. That picture at the bottom is so wonderful. I love it! I also so agree.. "the world is loud right now" that is so true!

  2. What a wonderful post, and so perfectly put!

  3. i love this post oh so much! what a beautiful way of saying it, and a beautiful reminder of how each of us can do our part to sooth our aching planet.

  4. This is so true and an amazing idea. I think this is so important for our future. Thank you for sharing!


  5. Wow, that last picture just gave me chills. Great post, friend.


    November Grey

  6. Tash that's why i luv ya!

  7. What a beautiful thought. That last photo gave me shivers, it would be so nice if we all worked together all the time.

  8. LOVE this post! I wholeheartedly agree :) xo

  9. That last picture is so incredible--I'm going to be thinking about that one for a while. I wish everyone felt connected to people so far away who are suffering; seems like it's pretty easy for some folks to stay in their bubbles, "protected" from all the sadness & injustice going on around the world. Thank you for bringing this up--it's a good reminder for so many people.

  10. I loved these words. I've been thinking how crazy our world is now...I avoid the news!



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