Wednesday, December 1, 2010

my manifesto

I believe...
...that the kitchen is the heart of the home butter
....that it's the smallest and simplest things that take up the most room in your heart baking burning and learning family dessert. always. art second bites and second tries lists a good playlist my instincts
...that love is always the question and always the answer slow food and home cooked meals good wine girlfriends Nutella 

via junkgarden picnics and road trips
...that food tastes better if you have good thoughts while you're making it good posture and clean hair singing at the top of your lungs handwritten letters magic gratitude tickle trains {girls you know what I'm talking about} pooches
...that everything feels better after an english breakfast tea with milk pancake Saturdays game nights tradition 
... that one day I'll have a family of my own George Clooney. duh.


What are some of the things that you believe in?

xox tash

p.s. the premiere was fab but no pics... it was the usual no camera policy.. boo... either way, go see Frankie and Alice.  Aside from Halle's amazing performance {what's new though} the story alone will knock your socks off!


  1. awwww this is such a lovely post xxx

  2. Love this list, almost lol when i saw FB's answer! In Greece they have an equivalent to Nutella and it's called Merenda, I still think Nutella's better but the man thinks otherwise.

    Anyhow I believe in Peanut Butter, lazy weekends and online shopping!

  3. You had me at Nutella and Butter! I could have written this list (except I don't drink tea, even with a British mother go figure). My list would seriously have almost all these things on it, I would include manners and thank you notes, laughing every day, taking naps, that you don't have to like or be liked by everybody - just move on. Geez, this could go on forever so I'll stop. I loved your post.

  4. What a fantastic list,sweetie...I totally believe in nutella and baking. Today I believe in snow...Its snowing here..I love that!
    Kisses, darling and have a lovely 1st of December

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful scarf GIVEAWAY later today, just in time for Christmas.

  5. What a fabulous list! Beautiful...

  6. i've been missing in action lately and just catching up on some blogs - loving this post, just what i needed to read. hope you and your mom had an amazing girls night at the premiere and that she enjoyed the glitz and glamour.x

  7. I LOVE this post so much
    Nutella....... YUM!!!


  8. Tash this is really lovely! Every line was better than the one before. You said it all!

  9. YES! I believe in all this too! I was just telling George last night. I said, "George Clooney, I believe in you." And he was like, "yeah, I know, stop talking and kiss me." And the rest I can't talk about because he's "in a relationship" and I'm "married" but whatever. ; )

    Smoky Mountain Christmas plays on CMT around xmas time. Check it out! lol

  10. Tiramisu-awesome list! Great way to beckon in December:-)

  11. i'm digging your list bigtime!

  12. Yay to picnics, roadtrips, and pooches. Actually I like the whole list :)

  13. I believe in handwritten thank you notes..actually mentioning the gift that you thoughtfully purchased for the honoree. If I get one more generic picture with "thank you for your generous gift"......Am I the only one annoyed by that? Maybe so.
    Great post:)

  14. I believe in homemade meals for your loved ones. I also believe in a wonderfully smelling cup of coffee and brownies. Yum.

  15. I believe in nutella too ;)

    What a beautiful post.

  16. I love this post! I believe in poochies as well, or any animal actually! They are always there for you when you need a friend, or a snuggle buddy!

    Ps. your cinnamon rolls/buns made me melt!

  17. What a beautiful list! I believe in many of these things too :) This is just what I needed to see on a day like this.

  18. Love the pictures, Doesnt it look beautiful how well packed that car is.

  19. Such a fantastic post. So many things I believe in... to name a few; dancing, living like there's no tomorrow, laughing, girls' nights in, nights out, dreaming...
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, would love you to follow. Fab blog, now following.


  20. Love this list!
    I am a believer in Nutella too!
    And family.

    You'll definitely have your own family someday, don't worry about it!
    If you want it, you'll make it happen.


  21. Yes, yes and yes, to every single one. I also believe in my high notes (as an opera singer, I just have to!) and the power of "please", "thank you" and a smile!

  22. bravo! those are lovely things to believe in!if i were able to electronically sign my name to the manifesto, i would!


  23. LOVE this post!! Butter and nutella are definitely on my list!!...and lots of others of yours too! :)

  24. i, too, believe in the power of butter.

    and dessert - FIRST

    now about this red carpet. i don't care about the lack of pics...what i want to know is was nahla there and did she bite any ankles? she looks mischievous!


  25. Your words and list are so it all!
    I am in LA too! Good to find you! xx Emily

    PS- Come check out my giveaway! xx

  26. what a fabulous list!

    i share many things on this list: the belief in art, wine, friends, picnics, handwritten notes, and eating a different breakfast on weekends to make them special...

    i would magnify your manifesto of second tries to tenacity. if i didn't persevere, i would achieve little because i'm not a natural at many things...



  27. Great list! Agreed totally with baking, art, and love.

    keeping hope alive is an important one.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - yes I love Northern Indian food and the restaurant I posted about is so far one of my fave Indian restaurants in the world! Hope to see you again and have a good week!

  28. I believe that I adore this lovely post. We also have similar beliefs in dessert, clean hair, Nutella, and above all, love.

  29. i'm so glad you stopped by my blog so i could find your blog! it's so beautiful and fun and great! plus, we're neighbors {well, we live in the same city at least}, and my husband's family is from australia. look at all the things we have in common. :) seriously, though, it's great to meet you, blogger style.

    i love manifestos. i find them incredibly inspiring and i've thought about creating one of my own, but haven't taken the time yet. yours is pretty great. i especially agree with art, a good playlist, girlfriends, nutella, and pooches! i also believe in nuzzling a sturdy beard, being wrapped up in scarves, and that laughter IS the best medicine.

  30. This is such a fantastic post! I am in love with your words, images, and feelings throughout.

  31. Mmm, I believe in nutella and pooches most definitely. This was so fun!

    Love the blog!
    style activist

  32. Oh, what a cool idea!!! I may have to borrow your manifesto idea for a blog entry, kudos on such a fun concept!



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