Thursday, December 2, 2010

gone but not forgotten

my great auntie Ivy on her wedding day in the early 20's
When my mum arrived last week she bought with her an oooolllld family album... Well if you're anything like me then you'd understand why I became completely obsessed with spending hours scouring over these photos that date as far back as the 20's.  Family trees and family history is something that I'm just utterly enthralled by. I know that everyone has a story but for some reason I'm so intrigued by my families story and that might have something to do with the fact that there's little information on either side.
This photo is of my dad and his parents as they arrived off the boat to Australia and became citizens. I love the excitement on his face
My mum's side of the family came over from England and my dad came over from Greece when he was a small boy. There's not a lot of information on my dad's side of the family as the hospital where my Yia Yia was born burnt down years ago. In fact, my Yia Yia never even knew her own birthday {or age for that matter} and just always celebrated the day of her birth on her first born's birthday! haha!  My Nana was an orphan and fell in love at an early age with my Grandfather.
My papa Harry 
Unfortunately I have no living Grandparents and so to see my very own predeceasing generation of people in their hay day is just something that brings me so much joy.  My mum's parents were always so in love and have one of 'those' love stories that I hope my kids and grandkids will one day want to emulate.  They even died close together and my mum always says that my nana died of a broken heart never wanting to live without my 'papa'.
My Nana Rae
I never met my Papa, but I did met my Nana Rae and the strange part is that I remember her. I have so much love for her and the graceful woman that she was. This photo of her on her 21st birthday encapsulates all the things that I remember about her, her beauty, her poise and her gracefulness. I wish I could've known her. Where ever you are family, I love you! Thank you for being you and thank you having my parents! I will always be grateful that you're all a part of me. I will continue to love you and ask for your advice. You will never be forgotten.

love always,
your grand daughter xxx


  1. these pictures are so so amazing -and you have such a beautiful family. It gave me goosebumps reading the end :)

  2. This is so touching! Your blog is so real and wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This post totally made me teary....Its beautiful and what a fantasic family...I love those photos...Somehow each year around this time..I have the need to look thought old family photos...Its so special!
    Kisses, darling

  4. I LOVE this, thanks for sharing a lil bit of your family. Family is very important for me too, and like you I always love to listen to my grandma talk about her own childhood and about my grandpa.

    Wishing you a beautiful day dear


  5. You've got a very good looking family! You should read Sophie Kinsella's Twenties Girl. It speaks about seeing someone as a senior citizen, and finding out what they were like when they were young. It's very sweet.

  6. I love going through old family photos too! My granny has a full closet of them. The older the photos are the better. I've always loved listening to stories from old times. My great-grandma and grandpa used to tell us all kinds of stories from the 10s, 20s, 30s. They both remembered the WW1 and WW2. My great-granpa celebrated his 100th birthday yesterday, but unfortunately he doesn't remember anything anymore so now it's up to my granny and grandpa to continue with the storytelling :)

    Your nana was beautiful. I looooove the picture of her. Angelic face. Can's stop staring at her, haha.

    You totally just inspired me. I think I'm gonna steal a few photos from my granny's collection :)

  7. So very lovely to see how much you appreciate the wonderful gift your Mum bestowed on you. Right hands for certain. What a gorgeous family tree you have! Good genes you lucky girl. How brave they all were to immigrate to Australia at that time, fascinating. The love story is wonderful and goodness were they both stunning or what?!

  8. So lovely -- this post, the photos and your nanna! I love looking at old photos too... really special to think that your connected to all these people. I love looking as deeply as possible into their eyes to make a "connection."

    I'd love for you to visit and enter my GIVEAWAY! :)

  9. you are so incredibly lucky to have such amazing photos! your nana is beautiful! love your blog!


  10. So touching. Thank you for sharing.
    I really do love your blog. You are one of the few writers that feel "real" to me.
    Very inspiring.

    xo Nadia

  11. Your Nana Rae was so beautiful!! I love looking at old pictures like these, they're all so elegant.

    Come enter my giveaway for a chacne to win 2 cool linocut prints!

  12. Your Nana is so gorgeous- it's always so amazing to find vintage photos!

  13. This is just so, so sweet and beautiful - how amazing your mother brought this treasure to share (most of my grandparents were gone before I knew them too) - what a beautiful and fitting way to start the holiday season.

  14. your grandpa is so handsome. I love old family pictures and family history and genealogy, it's important to appreciate your past.

  15. What beautiful photographs, and a wonderful family history-I had no idea you were part Greek! My mom's grandparents came from Greece, and the story of their courtship and arrival in the US is one of my absolute favorites, partly because of how scandalous it is! Family lore has it that my Yia Yia was in love with another boy and didn't want to move to the US with the man she was promised and married to. My Papou sent money to Greece three times to bring her over, and finally accompanied the last installment with a photograph of a local schoolhouse, claiming it was his home!

    Yia Yia was shipped out immediately, and was quarantined for several weeks, during which my Papou visited her every day. Despite the rough start, after my Papou passed away, Yia Yia wore black every day until the end of her life in mourning for him.

    What is it about Greek families that make for such incredible adventures?

  16. a beautiful and touching post!

  17. These photos are amazing! What a beautiful post!

  18. Such a beautiful post. I love this little glimpse into your family history. And what a beautiful family I might add! These photos are a treasure, thanks for sharing this.

  19. Oh my gosh, these photos are amazing!! What would we do without pictures??

  20. Oh! She was beautiful. What gorgeous pictures and a beautiful post! :)

  21. What a beautiful family album -- thanks for sharing this - it's very moving to look into one's past... xo bb

  22. She was STUNNING. You've got good genes, girl :)

  23. I adore old family albums! :)
    I really love looking at my Grandparent's pictures, and my Dad's family pictures, he had 5 other siblings, so it's funny to see a new baby pop up in pictures every few years!

  24. Wow, what a beautiful family. You're lucky you have these photos still!



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