Friday, July 16, 2010

Thirsty anyone?

I came across this website the other day and couldn't wait to share it.. In truth Perrier is known for it's edgy and suggestive - to say the least, advertising campaigns, (remember the advertisement with the bottle and the woman's hand?), so I had some idea of what I was getting into. This website is all part of Perrier's new interactive web campaign starring the tantalizing Dita Von Teese and I gotta tell you, as a fellow woman I was sold! Clearly they're attempting to capture the male market, but the music, lighting and playful concept really captured the beauty and allure of women...and if you glorify us and show us to be the prize that we are, then you've got me too! This really does seem to be the new way of marketing but I'd love to know what you think, my fellow readers!

Click to watch Perrier by Dita

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