Monday, July 19, 2010

Fair Street Fauna

Today we took a summertime stroll down Fair Street in Santa Cruz and were immediately hit by all the aromas that smell like sunshine. Sweet scents of garden roses, jasmine and everything green greeted us as we sauntered from neighborhood garden bed to garden bed.

These trees were braided together over time, intertwined with each other like long lost lovers hands.

The sweetest smelling garden roses in the most beautiful peach tones

It took everything in me not to take the neighbors dog home with me!

The end of the evening I made the family a delicious Bouillabaisse from some of the freshest seafood from the Santa Cruz Pier. The perfect way to compliment a day in the sunshine followed by the cool misty evening.  


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Makes me wish we spent the day, strolling along with you guys...


  2. I wish my love! I would love to show Stella all the pretties xoxo



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