Tuesday, June 1, 2010

spring brings new things

Spring time has me in the mood to create new things...that includes the much wanted redesign of my love nest. Check out some of the inspirations that I've fallen in love with..
Neutral paint colors: 'Veil Cream' by Benjamin Moore + Corbusier chaise by xJavierx.
books on stairs by amanda.siegers.
Look at the wood on this stair case.
Eco-chic: Adrian Grenier's laid-back L.A. bedroom by xJavierx.
love the quilted sleigh bed
Modern wallpaper: Leaf print + blue + taupe paired with turquoise velvet, by Nina Campbell by xJavierx.
the right shade of grey and blue together are always calming
Laura_Resen by Belledame73.
White living room + yellow + turquoise by xJavierx.
shelves, shelves and more shelves
Before & after living room: Faux wood beams + round mirror by xJavierx.
love the grey beams
Domino style: Deborah Needleman's gorgeous TriBeCa loft by xJavierx.
and different nooks for reading or entertaining .
domino tori mellot by big.dreamer.


  1. I absolutely LOVE the books piled up on the staircase... piled up anywhere!


  2. I love these ideas! The balance between 'messy or clutted' and 'decorative or inspiring' needs fine tuning and practice. You get one room just the way you like but the rest of the house is out of sync. We have ideas of what we would like our new home to resemble however do tend to get bogged down with too many ideas that if applied together would clash. I guess you cannot go wrong with the right timber and good shelving?



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