Wednesday, June 2, 2010

but I don't I?

If you're like me, then you have pile upon pile of your favorite fashion, decor and design magazines stashed all over your house.  I just can't seem to part with these little jewels of inspiration and am yet to come up with a better alternative to storing them. My fear (however irrational it may seem) is that if I put them too far away I'll never see them and they'll be lost forever like a long forgotten treasure map (yes these magazines contain the location of my much desired treasures).  This is where the fabulousness of online magazines come in. No you don't get to turn the actual pages and smell the new paper smell, but as reluctant as I am, I think that's all part of welcoming a new era of reading - hello Kindle and iPad. The dilema of where to store these dream diaries is completely taken away and you can't deny the obvious environmental pluses that come with reduced paper consumption. 
Here's a list of some of the greatest digital design magazines that I've found out there.. Give them a go, they might just change your mind.

Although there's not many issues (three to be exact) this little jewel was created by those genius' who put together the cult design mag, Domino magazine. R.I.P...sigh

My girlfriend who lives in Norway put me onto this Scandinavian take on life and design in Northern Europe... It's adorably neat and simple.

As a self professed "style bible for the digital age", this quarterly UK based online publication has some of the greatest vintage finds and DIY projects around.

For those of us who are already missing the visceral accompaniments that come with a good ol' traditional read, this virtual mag has added some sound effects to make you feel as though you're actually turning the's sweet, but they're not fooling anyone! Although I may be muting the flip sound on this site, they have me hooked on their delightful collection of recipes and demonstrative 'how to' video clips. 

On the heels of his wildly successful blog of the same title, Sweet Paul, prop and food stylist Paul Lowe has fulfilled one of his biggest dreams with his 'bon appetite' meets martha stewart culinary and craft magazine.  The food design is truly some of the best I've ever seen and the photography captures the taste and quirky style of this digital gem beautifully. If this magazine can't inspire you in one way or another, then I don't know what will! It's safe to say I'm crazy about the guy's style and thank goodness I have his blog to follow in between editions.
So go ahead! Download them, print out the pages you've fallen in love with, and dive head first into the digital age of reading.. I for one am taking it one step at a time. But let me tell you, this isn't a bad place to start...not at all!

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