Saturday, May 29, 2010

packing punches

More often than not people wait for reasons to celebrate (birthdays, engagements, holidays, weddings) and then sometimes the pressure that comes with celebrating such momentous occasions can actually make the day stressful, negating the 'celebration' part altogether.  Everyone's busy with life, kids, work and sometimes when you're out of practice the idea of hosting any type of event is enough to tip you over the edge, which is one of the reasons that I launched my business the chirpy bird and why I love what I do.  It's not about events, it's about lifestyle and I love showing people how easy it is to commemorate the simple moments and joys in life. Whether it's the season finale of Lost or tonights UFC fight with Jackson vs. Evans, finding things to celebrate is a great habit to get into.  I personally have never been big into watching two grown men beat the living daylights out of each other, however some of my best friends find it to be extremely exciting.  So tonight I'm choosing to celebrate the way that I know how, by giving everyone a good ol' punch. One black & blue and red punch to be exact! Oh yes, diving head first into the boxing we go!

Watermelon Punch 
Handful of fresh mint
Superfine sugar
Ginger Ale

Cut up watermelon and blend until smooth. 
p.s. notice the OPI Tickle My France-y nail color I was raving about a couple of days ago
Finely slice two tablespoons of mint and add to blender. Also add one tablespoon of superfine sugar to watermelon mixture.
Fill desired pitcher with ice. By the way if you don't have enough pitchers for your party, have a look around and see if you have any cool vases that can double.
Stir in two cups of Watermelon mint puree.
Add 1 1/4 cups of Ginger Ale.
I'm Australian so I like to start with at least 1/2 a cup of Vodka and then go up from there if necessary. Now's a good time to taste test. Then add the juice of two limes.
Add slices of limes to your mixture and sprigs of fresh mint to garnish.  I also love to wrap my pitchers with basic kitchen twine to add a little rustic effect.

Black and Blue Punch

Using frozen blackberries and blueberries here saves lots of $ but if you've got some berries left over from the farmers market that are looking dull, use them up! Waste not want not!

Copy the Watermelon Punch recipe above but substitute the berries for the watermelon. If you've chosen to use frozen berries, it's best to wait until they've thawed out a little so they're nice and juicy.  


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