Friday, April 9, 2010

In the Market for Markets?

Come this way, I've got just the one for you. Two words, Yamashiro Garden Markets. Did I say two words I meant three but who's counting. Listen your gonna thank me when you discover this lil' pocket of heaven for yourself. No, I mean seriously I'm gonna want a thank you card... 

Okay enough slick sales man talk, truth be told I am a little smitten. Now I know I say that about everything I post but don't let that fool you, this is truly one to check out before it becomes overrun with LA's 'native' hipsters.  Local bakers, foodies and famers unite at this picturesque location nestled on a Hollywood hillside and get this, the hours of operation are between 5pm-9pm every Thursday. Yes that's right folks, a night market! Did somebody say genius? Did somebody say "What in the world has taken so long?".   
I went with my usual group of larrikin friends and we listened to a fab jazz band, partook in a local wine tasting (shocker), ate taco's, bratwurst and a giant Nutella crepe (again, shocker).  There was the most amazing operatic singer who's angelic voice was carried through the market by the warm spring air as the sun was setting. Sitting back and enjoying a strawberry that was sweet enough to make me believe it was dusted with sugar, sipping my chilled white wine and laughing with my friends made me sorry that I didn't arrive at 4:59 to make the most of it!

but then again....there's always next week.

p.s. Sorry about lack of photos. Next week I promise to put the taco down and capture the magic!

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