Monday, April 25, 2011

To The Rescue

What happens when you have a food blog and you get severe food poisoning? Nothing.... well nothing except saltine crackers, ginger ale and a whole lotta ugly.
It's been a few days and food is beginning to take on its appeal again. Well let me be clear, we're not entirely on good terms, there's some residual trust issues that have to be worked through, but I'm committed to getting things back on track. With all the nutritional elements found in these babies, consider bananas the yellow skinned cape wearing, "here I come to save the day" superhero of your digestive tract!
So in keeping with my current timid relationship with with food I decided to keep things as simple and digestible as possible, no real expectations other than health. What I didn't expect to discover was mind blowing deliciousness. Who knew something dairy free could be so creamy? Who knew that one ingredient could be so versatile? Added bonus being that you don't need an ice cream maker to make this baby. As long as you have a food processor or a blender, you're set!

Banana Almond Maple IceCream - sans the cream!
6 ripe bananas
1/4 cup of Grade B Organic Maple Syrup (honey or brown sugar depending on your taste preference)
2 Tablespoons Almond butter (or peanut butter)

Cut bananas into one inch slices and place in the freezer until solid (if using brown sugar douse banana in sugar before placing into the freezer).
Place banana slices into food processor and whip until smooth. Add your sweetener of choice if using honey or maple syrup and then your protein booster (almond or peanut butter). Continue to whip until fluffy and smooth.
Then enjoy all of the mood elevating and disbelieving notions of digesting something that isn't but seems just entirely too good to be true!
sending chirpy and healthy love to all of you!

xx t 


  1. Feel better!!

    That looks so scrumptious and easy on the tum.

    Take care! xo

  2. Eeek, sorry your tummy has been treating you wrong. That's definitely no fun. But that banana goodness you just whipped up looks like TONS of fun. Love the addition of almond butter!

  3. This looks delicious...banana ice's only been since January... I'm so sorry to learn that you had food poisoning. It is the WORST. And the trust issues leave a lasting effect, I still don't know if I can eat at a tapas restaurant ever again. Investigate earth clinic should it ever (and hopefully it wont) happen again! Feel better! xoxo

  4. Sounds pretty good! So sorry you got food poisoning - that's the worst! I had it in Las Vegas, it made for a terrible trip!

  5. I hope you're feeling much, much better soon!

    My all-time favorite "ice cream" is actually just whipped, frozen banana-so delicious, and this recipe sounds like it will be completely over the top!

  6. looks yummy!! hope you feel better. food poisoning is a B. have you heard that downing a shot of vinegar kills the bacteria in your stomach and makes you stop puking immediately? take it as soon as you discover you have food poisoning. i know this doesn't help NOW, but i keep some handy in the cupboard now, just in case...

  7. eeek! sorry to hear about the food poisoning!
    The ice cream on the other hand is very good news!

  8. oh no, food poisening! i had that once and it is not. fun. this does look like a healthy thing to try for afterwards, i like!! hope you had a good easter despite the sickness!

  9. hope you feel better sonn! food poising is no fun at all!!
    be good, K*

  10. OMG, how yummiful! Perfect for this time of year!!

  11. mmm I have said it once and I'll say it again.. I need an ice cream maker!

  12. Oh no!! Do you know the culprit? Well this will right all that is wrong! Poor you, take good care of yourself (take probiotics)!

  13. What a great idea! Happy to hear you're feeling better. Cheers!

  14. oh no!!! hope you are feeling better real soon!

  15. mm-just having a look back at some of your old posts...and sooo postmarking this!

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