Friday, December 17, 2010

step by step

I love doing food posts and there are times when I try really hard to show the step by step process of how to recreate what I've discovered in the kitchen.  Then I stumbled across this genius foodie and have been completely inspired.
Marina Aurora showcases all of the steps of her cooking process in the one photo. How fantastic is that?
Not to mention that her other photography is also gorgeous. The choice of colors and textures is just gorgeous!
Now to get back in the kitchen and create something delicious for this rainy week ahead of us Los Angelinos! Whatever will we do?!
xx tash

discovered here


  1. gorgeous! Thanks for the introduction to her lovely site!!
    Have a wonderful weekend! I do hope it stops raining before I get there next week!

  2. Yay! :)
    I can't wait to go see her site! :)
    I have to clean up my mess from my cooking!

  3. Isn't that cool! My hubby said I should do that too. It would make the actually cooking so easy because there it all is, measured and ready to roll!

  4. These photos are absolutely lovely! I feel your pain about a rainy weekend-SF is supposed to be quite wet!

  5. What a fun and gorgeous idea!

  6. Those photos would be so cute framed in a kitchen...I just love how the entire process is represented.

  7. that is such a cool way to show it!

  8. That is great! I just love seeing things in a whole new way. It totally does make you want to skip into the kitchen and create. Talk about surprise weather, we had FOG here in Phoenix this morning - mysterious.

  9. how amazingly talented, beautiful and inspiring! can't even picture the amount of work on each set up! great find and lovely post.

  10. These photos are just amazing - not just the talent and lush composition/colours, but the amazing organizational mind that went into this! So lovely :)

  11. great link/ find, and indeed what a great concept. wish i could have a poster-size blowup of one of these pics... or maybe i'll try it myself! xo bb

  12. such gorgeousness!
    it makes me really want to go out and take my own food photos!



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