Tuesday, December 14, 2010


D’espresso Cafe Interior nema workshop interior
If your mind is saying 'Hold it! Shut the front door I don't get it and my brain hurts.' Don't worry, so was mine! This fabulous Espresso bar in New York City {home of all avant garde fabulousness} was designed by Nema Workshop and together they created this fantastical library.... and then turned it sideways!

D’espresso Cafe Interior despresso interior decorating
I'm in love with the herringbone flooring on the wall and the ghost chair seating. Such a brilliant way to exacerbate the "ripley's believe it or not" effect of the space.
D’espresso Cafe Interior d’espresso cafe interior
D’espresso Cafe Interior d’espresso cafe
...I think NY is calling my name... along with Paris, London, Berlin and the rest of the world. Okay travel bug, I'm hearing you loud and clear!

xx tash



  1. WOW! For some reason I couldn't see the images here but clicked on your source (thanks) and was blown away. My bibliophile daughter would just LOVE to see this place in person. Love creative spaces.

  2. hmm... the photos didn't show up for me either, but i googled them so i could see. they're so fun! what creative minds the world holds.

  3. Hey doll,

    Can't see the images! But... if you're in London or Greece we must hook up!

  4. Wow, I can't even begin to imagine constructing this place!

  5. i told my husband he was exacerbating the situation and he told me i made that word up...

    also, I'll be in nyc thursday-saturday... care to join me? ; )

  6. It sounds amazing:)...I am ready to travel more too:)...I cant wait:)
    Kisses, sweetie
    Happy Tuesday

  7. Oh, this place sounds divine! We have lots of travel planned for the next few weeks, but I feel like I've lost the bug!

  8. saw this somewhere before, so glad you reminded me of it!!!!! nyc is ALWAYS calling my name. =)

  9. I know about the travel bug! NYC at Christmas would be amazingballs!



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