Tuesday, July 27, 2010

welcome home!

There's nothing like coming home after a short stay away (or a long stay for that matter). Suddenly the space you were once feeling stifled in suddenly feels comfortably familiar. The smell, the furniture, the nooks and crannies, it all feels like home.  That's the feeling I got today when I walked back into my cozy hollywood hills cottage.
Although it's barely large enough to swing a cat in (sorry cat lovers) it's accumulated all the things that I love. The flea market finds, the hand me downs from family and friends, my shameless attempts at art, for better or worse, it all spells out the life that my love and I have created.
Though I can't deny that after spending some time on Design Sponge, I found some spaces that I'd also feel really comfortable coming home too...
This is my type of pantry! Everything in beautiful Jars like some kind of old fashioned food apothecary. Gotta love that rustic over head lighting too!
 Love these rustic shelves. I also love collecting rocks from different places I've travelled to. I have a fun little collection from all over the world.
This is an outdoor vintage tent ideal for leisurely outdoor entertaining. It's also has a beautiful daybed for sleeping the day away after one too many bites or sips of that desired cocktail... swwoooooonnn 
I love the idea of sneaking art into every moment of your life.... even the moments you'd least expect!
Bedrooms are to me, one of THE most important rooms in your house. It's the place we all usually gravitate to, to rest or heal.   It's super important to me that these spaces are clean and peaceful and allow me the tranquility to rest up in order to be energized for the day ahead!

xo tash


  1. These are spectacular photos! I'm so inspired. Especially the outdoor living space. I would very much like to live right there. Just lovely :)

  2. LOVE. We just got some cool old fashioned jars to hold all of our cereal and crackers. It makes me happy every time I open my cupboards. And I absolutely adore the backyard set up!



  3. Ah, I love the California style. It'd be pretty difficult to duplicate any of these lovely images living in a 2-room basement in Queens. A girl can dream though, right?

    Thanks for your nice note on my blog. I just started it last month so I can use all the encouragement I can get. I really appreciate it!

  4. Lovely pictures! Like you, I always gravitate toward bedrooms. Especially the bed part. Right now I have a hard dorm bed and it's not exactly relaxing...

  5. that outdoor tent on design sponge caught my eye too!
    thanks so much for your nice words, i'm totally flattered - i can tell i'll like your blog already :)

  6. Great pictures, I love the feeling of coming home.


  7. Love all those photos! and I agree, coming home after vacation is always so nice :D

  8. Wow I absolutely love these pictures! It really feels like home!


  9. i really like your photos..will be following...:)



  10. I really like your photos...so pretty! I used to have a real pantry, until I moved into this loft-thingy I live in now. I DO have room to swing a cat now though...I have two :)
    p.s. Following you via Bloglovin'

  11. great post!!!

    check out my new post if you like! Part III

    vicky from HotGossip

  12. that bathroom is ridiculous and so amazing at the same time!



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