Monday, June 21, 2010

What do you see....?

Living in LA it's easy to feel as though you're surrounded by artists who spend their afternoons brooding in front of a canvas, channeling their inner Van Gough. 
this is one of my favorite pieces done on the back of a paper grocery bag (can you believe it?) by my boyfriends mom

However if you're like me, while this is inspiring it's also a little intimidating! What do you do if you want to create your own art yet feel challenged by a simple set of stick figures? Never fear, I have the DIY art project for you! Not only does it look edgy and cool, it costs almost zero $, takes no time at all and even better, I'm pretty sure a monkey could do it!

Good folding technique

Cut a piece of paper to fit your desired frame.  Place a medium amount of paint on the paper in different shapes and then fold in half. Make sure not to make too much of a crease down the middle, the idea is just to mirror image the paint on both sides of the paper. 
Spend an afternoon coming up with these fun images, wait for them to dry and put them in your frame of choice!

Feel free to play with color and create a blot that looks appealing to you. Some you'll love and some you'll hate, go with what feels good.

Voila! Customized art work that's a really great talking point!! Of course my friends like to poke fun and play psychiatrist after we unveil the images we see! It might be more fun than you think!


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  1. cool! The first one looks like a ballerina!



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