Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever...

rapid-red-strawberry-fields.jpg strawberry's field image by iFooled
Strawberry has always been one of my favorite flavors.  I became extremely familiar with all things strawberry when my sister was pregnant with my nephew.  Strawberry ice cream, thick shakes, gelato, anything and everything Strawberry I could get my hands was as good as Gold!

Living in California we are blessed with such a vast variety of fresh produce, Strawberries being some of my favorite in the Summertime. I never turn down punnets of fresh berries when I'm in the store and always end up freezing them and storing them in ziplocks for those winter months when they sky rocket in price.

Today I wasn't feeling well so I decided to indulge in some strawberry cupcakes and vampire tv....what a succulent combo! 

Here's where I got the recipe..however I do prefer this icing...

Here are a couple of tips that I like to use to make this my own.
  • When chopping fresh strawberries, be sure to create different sized pieces. Creating that variation allows you to not only see chunks of baked strawberry, but chopping them finer also allows better flavor coverage throughout the batter. 
  • Always use Vanilla Sugar as well as Vanilla Extract. It ups the anti on the depth of flavor. 
  • Once the cupcake is cooled, scoop out a small section in the middle and fill with your favorite Strawberry Jam then ice.

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  1. Hi Chirpy Bird My favourite flavour is strawberry too?



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