Sunday, April 11, 2010

Overcast Chilly Sunday = Nostalgic Movie Day

It's an overcast chilly day in LA and all I want to do is start a fire, curl up with my pup and beau and turn on a flick... but not any old flick. When it's an oddly overcast Sunday it makes me want to watch something nostalgic and so I immediately go to my fav 80's films.
What is it about the 80's that makes us so nostalgic?  Who or what's to blame? Pop culture? Fashion? Film? When it comes to women in film Shelley Long, Bette Midler, Molly Ringwald, SJP and Goldie Hawn are all in the 80's icon hall of fame as far as I'm concerned..and that's just to name a few! Fashion reflected the changing times that were upon women in the workplace and boxy pant suits, high collared blouses and long neon nails were the ultimate power getup. This was a period where 'the glass ceiling' was commonly acknowledged as women were overtly liberating themselves from the expected 'stay at home' mom title.  Perhaps the nostalgia I feel is not for that particular time period at all. Perhaps it's for who I was at that time and how I felt about life when these films premiered. As far as I was concerned these women were strong, powerful, always stood up for what they believed in and always came out on top. Back then they had it all and I was excited to follow right in their footsteps.   

Here's just a few of my favorite flicks starring Shelley Long and/or Bette Midler.

Home made soups on the stove, my boyfriend's starting the fire and I'm choosing the movie... Now excuse me while I put on some leg warmers and a green face mask complete with cucumber eye patches!

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